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JBP has just launched a new course which should be of significant interest to any asset manager, engineer or technician working with water mains maintenance and rehabilitation.

It is always a challenge in getting those all-important decisions right, in terms of priority, approaches and timing, in asset management strategies, none more so than with water mains maintenance, rehabilitation and repair.

The development of new course ‘Water Mains: Inspection, Assessment and Decision-Making’, has been led by Tom Sangster, one of an expanding team of JBP’s Trenchless Trainers. Tom has had extensive experience and expertise consulting for utilities and contracting companies around the world, for trenchless rehabilitation projects, over many years. He has contributed many technical papers in forums such as International No-Dig and Trenchless conferences and until recently served on the UKSTT’s Technical and Education sub-committee. He needs little or no introduction to many in the sector.

Focus on Key Aspects

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In researching and developing this course with JBP, Tom’s main focus has been to cover key aspects in the core and connected areas of inspection, assessment and decision-making for effective water mains maintenance and also to review current methods and technologies being used. Course participants will come away from the course with a solid understanding of main considerations and approaches in this strategically important area.

Divided into five modules, including introductory and concluding modules, and spanning the equivalent of a day’s training, the core modules dive, in some depth, into the important details any asset manager, water mains engineer or technician will want to be fully conversant with.

The Inspection module examines impacts of location, pipe environment, causes of corrosion and mitigation steps, leakage, as well as a review of inspection methods and technologies.

In the module covering Assessment, which could be considered the core of the course, such aspects as pipe materials and failure modes, structural and hydraulic assessment are all closely examined, as is the critical aspect of risk assessment and likelihood and consequences of pipeline failures, as well as approaches to assessment of remaining useful life for pipelines.

Following on from the earlier two modules of inspection and assessment, the course’s fourth module takes a look at Decision-Making in the process – use of assessment outputs to inform effective asset management decisions and choices. Risk management strategies are considered as well as budget estimation and capital investment appraisal.

Delivering A Clear Understanding of Challenges

The course provides participants with a clear understanding and knowledge of the range of problems and challenges, in inspection, assessment and decision-making processes. The direct benefit of this course will be to equip assets management staff with the necessary knowledge and skills to effectively operate and maintain networks, based on a solid foundation of positively managed conditions and the performance of networks and to manage risk and maintain high service levels required in water supply, cost-effectively.

This course in Water Mains Inspection, Assessment and Decision-making is the first of two courses in this series, developed and offered by JBP together with experts such as Tom who are working in the sector. The second course completes an examination of the process with a focus on Water Mains Rehabilitation.

Contribution to the bottom line

Effective management of our water networks has never been more in the spotlight and higher on the agenda, in terms of budget pressures, environmental impact and considerations, and increased consumer expectations and awareness. Therefore, it is essential that those who have the task of maintaining water infrastructures are well supported with the right tools, knowledge and skills to carry out their responsibilities as effectively and efficiently as possible. JBP’s Managing Director Börje Persson is certain this course will make a valuable contribution to effective assets management of water mains, better performance in the networks and a direct contribution to the bottom line.

For more details of this and other courses available in JBP’s Trenchless Training programme please contact: Frank Reilly – JBP Training Director ( or visit

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