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TRACTO financing solutions for No-Dig equipment

Quick commitment, no further securities required

As the only full-range supplier of trenchless technology, TRACTO supplies sophisticated solutions for all areas of pipeline construction and renewal. Decades of experience flow mainly into the premium-quality NODIG systems ‘Made in Germany’ as well as the companies constant improvement and innovation.

However, the company also uses its knowledge of the industry to offer users of its trenchless technology customised services with high additional benefits. These include flexibly adaptable financing solutions for the entire product range and complementary products at particularly favourable conditions.

Financing enables investment in state-of-the art technology

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The civil engineering industry is considered to be very capital- intensive because construction machines are indeed capital goods. In addition, there are seasonal fluctuations to be considered in civil engineering, especially in wintertime. Financing of the equipment by the manufacturer via TRACTO Finance allows users to act flexibly without limiting their financial scope, while securing their investment as much as possible for the whole operating duration. The various financing models are individually tailored to meet the customers need, so that they always have the right state-of-the art equipment available for their individual projects.

Starting at a minimum contract value of €100,000, TRACTO finances new and used machines from its own production range. This is particularly advantageous in case of high investment requirements, such as for GRUNDODRILL HDD rigs or GRUNDOBURST pipe bursting systems including accessories because, for example, mixing and/or drive units, or trucks and trailers to form a complete package can also be financed. Of course, the financing offer also applies to all other TRACTO machines, such as soil displacement hammers, ramming machines, mini drilling drilling systems, etc. including accessories and commercial products such as winches or compressors, provided the minimum contract value is achieved.

Quick commitment, no further securities required

Using TRACTO’s customised financing solutions, the contractor can concentrate fully on his core business. The financing company can grant a commitment within a short period and usually does not require any further securities for this, which is a major advantage over local banks. The credit line there can be used for other investments where, for example, no manufacturer financing is available. In addition, financing can make a small contribution to alleviating the personnel situation because it enables the replacement of older, operation-intensive machines with more efficient, new equipment at short notice. With the new machine, the contractor can then carry out more jobs with the same number of staff.

As a solvent financial service provider, TRACTO Finance offers classic loans as well as various forms of leasing and hire purchase at excellent interest rates. All financing models focus on the specific requirement of the customer. The hire purchase is the right financing instrument if the customer, as the beneficial owner of the bore rig, wishes to take advantage of the balance sheet amortisation. By agreeing on a balloon payment at the end of the financing period, very low monthly installments can be agreed, which helps the customer to preserve his liquidity.

Specific solutions for individual demands

Economical fluctuations can also be partially compensated by manufacturer financing. For example, through seasonal installments left pending for 3 – 4 months or through modern forms of machine use, such as the so-called Operate Lease. In this case, the customer takes the bore rig for the agreed period of use and simply returns it to TRACTO at the end. He does not have to take care of the utilisation of the machine as that task is done by the manufacturer via its own used machine service team and the worldwide distribution network. This form of financing makes sense, for example, when dealing with additional orders. Here, the contractor often has to complete a task within a certain time, which normally can take several years. This usually calls for new machines. If there is an uncertainty whether the machines can later be utilised after completing the initial task, then Operate Lease would definitely be the right choice. In addition, this form of financing also helps with order calculation, as any uncertain assumptions regarding possible recycling proceeds from used machines are eliminated.

The range of TRACTO Finance solutions is constantly being expanded. New, for example, is the easy instalment purchase for brand new NoDig products, which allows users to test the new machine on a jobsite without any financial risk whatsoever.

A safeguard against all possible risks

Regardless of the type and capacity, any financing needs to be as well secured as possible, e.g. in case a bore rig is damaged beyond repair or stolen. This is precisely why TRACTO Finance offers intelligent insurance solutions, such as all-risk cover. This covers every conceivable, unforeseeable damage – except from war or war-like events, nuclear energy, intentional or operational wear and tear – and even from operating errors. In addition, the so-called GAP insurance is included, which covers the difference between the redemption value and replacement value of a machine, for example, in case of theft.

All users, who would like to take advantage of financing through TRACTO Finance are welcome to contact the Head of Financing, Thorsten Wedi for advice at any time. Interested parties can contact him by phone or email. As a rule, you should receive the desired financing offer within a few hours – in some cases even combined with a financing commitment, i.e., in such cases no further documents need to be submitted by the customer. All financing requests and any submitted documents are treated absolutely confidential by TRACTO Finance.

TRACTO Financing solutions

  • LOAN – Provides the capital to acquire the machine technology
  • LEASING – Provides the machine technology for an agreed period with various options:
    Full or partial amortisation
    • Terminable contract for maximum flexibility
  • OPERATE LEASE – Defined leasing period
  • HIRE PURCHASE – Outright ownership of the machine at the end of the hire purchase period
  • EASY-HIRE PURCHASE – For newly launched products with rights to return after 1 year
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