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Sewer Manhole Rehabilitation – ISTT webinar 20th May

Dr. Iain Naismith and Dipl.-Ing. Markus Gillar – Senior Research Fellows at IKT – Institute for Underground Infrastructure (Germany)

ISTT webinar with Dr. Iain Naismith
This webinar is for ISTT members only.Date/Time: Thursday, 20 May 2021 Time: 14:00 GMT(15:00 BST) / 10:00 am US Eastern Daylight Saving Time (EDT)Title

Sewer Manhole Rehabilitation – quality assurance and comparison of techniques
Presenter: Dr. Iain Naismith and Dipl.-Ing. Markus Gillar – Senior Research Fellows at IKT – Institute for Underground Infrastructure (Germany).

OverviewThis webinar highlights the lessons learned from 1:1 scale evaluation of the performance of technologies available for the rehabilitated of manholes, with a particular focus on sealing against ground water infiltration. The surcharging of sewer systems by groundwater impacts both their operation and that of the wastewater treatment works they connect to. Relining sewer pipes is part of the answer, but manhole shafts are also a significant pathway for infiltration.

This webinar explains the approach taken, at the request of German sewer network owners, to provide them with knowledge about performance and limits of manhole rehabilitation technologies and what quality assurance issues they need to be aware of. It will also signpost attendees to where this information is publicly available.

It will cover:
• Sewer manhole functions and the issues associated with them
• How IKT went about examining rehabilitation, defining damage patterns and reviewing the market
• What was discovered about the performance of rehabilitation techniques
• Key issues for applying QA to installations

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◆About Dr. Iain Naismith
Dr Iain Naismith is a Senior Research Fellow at IKT with 35 years’ experience in environmental, water and sewerage related research. Based in the UK, he has a particular focus on international projects and knowledge sharing for this not-for-profit engineering research institute. He has been involved in the evaluation of performance of sewerage repair and rehabilitation products and products in contact with drinking water for some 20 years.

◆About Dipl.-Ing. Markus Gillar
is a Senior Research Fellow and Project Manager at IKT. He led IKT’s two year 1:1 scale evaluation project on the rehabilitation of sewer manholes and has subsequently run regular knowledge share training courses. He is currently managing a two year evaluation of pressure sewer rehabilitation techniques and is developing IKT’s new ‘Heavy Rain’ laboratory that will examine the interaction between surface and underground drainage infrastructure.

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