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S1E looked at which tools and technology in trenchless pipeline repair might be needed over the winter months.

With the latest big freeze, who is to say another one will not be coming again soon? Periods of cold weather followed by warming occur every winter in the UK, and over the years water companies have continued to learn from each winter to successfully manage these winter freezes with little-to-no customer impact and with a special thanks to emerging tools and technology in trenchless pipeline repair.

Climate change is increasing the risks of extreme weather variability during the winter, so it is clear there is a need to be prepared as a business within the water and drainage industry to ensure good continuity of service for customers.

There is no need to tell drainage experts about the build-up of snow and ice and when it melts the risks and substantial problems it can cause to drainage systems. All that extra pressure and any drainage system that was not functioning properly in the first place, will be at risk of cracking or blockage, so, what is being used to fix your cracked pipes?

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Structural Patch Repair

Pipes that are cracked or become displaced end up being a bigger problem if left unrepaired and then the next thing is that it is no longer a trenchless repair and the cost starts mounting up. One of the best ways to tackle the issue of a cracked pipe from those winter issues is a patch repair system to reline the pipe and create a professional, watertight repair to the localised areas of damage. Applying a structural patch repair with a system such as S1E’s Pipe Doctor Repair Kits, will improve the flow of water and reduce the risk of the pipe cracking further and potentially collapsing.

Structural patch repairs are a curing system using a mat pre-cut to the required size of the crack and a resin formulation, which are also available in Summer, Winter or Rapid resin formulations to help with curing times while on-site, for example, using the winter resin formulation in cold temperatures will cure faster than using a summer resin mix.

CIPP Lining

A winter-formulated resin will help the curing process, but curing in extremely cold conditions can be challenging, therefore when trying to effectively install a CIPP liner in cold work environments, it is important to think about controlling the temperature of the epoxy resin, whilst monitoring the ambient and pipe temperatures.

Creating your own climate-controlled wet-out area is a good way to control the temperature of the resin, such as creating a tented area or using the inside of a van or trailer. However, when time is money, you may want to consider investing in a UV CIPP lining system when up against challenging ambient conditions and tight deadlines.

Infused with a resin that only sets under ultraviolet light, UV CIPP liners are different to traditionally cured liners as the resin in the liner cures under UV-light from a light train which travels through the pipe. UV lining is quicker and greener as it does not produce any by-products like hot-curing does. Providing long-lasting repairs to sewers and pipes without the need to excavate, UV also requires less equipment, so site set-up and take-down are quicker, making it especially suitable for busy locations like roads, railways and airports, or for those tricky access sites where there is limited room to manoeuvre.

Unwanted Winter Guests!

It is already well-known that when the weather turns cold, rodents will be finding a place to keep warm and with plenty of food sources. Drains are the major source of food and water attracting rats to invade properties. So do not forget everyday essentials and have rat blockers for drains. Eco-friendly and humane rat blockers are available to install in drains to prevent rats from entering the property using its one-way valve system. Or, two problems can be fixed with just one fixture with non-return valves to stop water and deter rats!

With variable weather conditions to consider and a variety of curing methods available across the sewer and drainage repair market, as contractors, there are several applications to tailor No-Dig solutions to each specific job. Each has its strengths and limitations but are all still worthy methods to fix a pipeline repair.

S1E Limited has further announced the promotion of Terry Ingleby to General Manager from his previous post of Sales Manager.

After an impressive year of business Terry’s promotion comes at an exciting year of growth at S1E. In his new role as General Manager, he will be supporting and reporting to the Managing Director, while also working closely with the team, in a collaborative and supportive manner to ensure that S1E Ltd achieves its strategic business goals and objectives.

Terry joined the S1E business in 2017, after an impressive sixteen years with a previous employer providing operational, facilities and health and safety services within the Drainage and Utility Sector. With a wealth of experience and knowledge, Terry has become an asset to the S1E business creating and maintaining supplier and customer relationships, as well as developing the business as it continues to offer high-quality products and innovative technologies to the sewer and drainage repair market while providing excellent service.

Scott McMurray, Managing Director at S1E said: “I am delighted to announce that from January 2023, Terry will be taking on the position of General Manager of S1E Ltd. We are very proud of what Terry has achieved to date and what he will achieve in the future.”

Terry Ingleby, newly appointed General Manager said: “I would like to thank Scott for his continued support over the years and offering me this fantastic opportunity. This is an exciting year for S1E as we have seen so much growth in our product range as we have partnered with amazing leading brands in the sewer and drainage market.”

He continued: “The team here at S1E are so hard working, it is great to see how it has grown in my time here. I am looking forward to seeing further growth in my new role as I help to support and develop the business to take it to the next level and also continue to strengthen and build with all our new and existing customers with unrivalled customer service.”

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