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Renovating Internal Pipes In A Paris Hotel

With more than 3,000 m of BRAWOLINER® resin contractor AFS Chemisage renovated the vertical wastewater pipes within the Pullmann Hotel in Paris, France

With more than 3,000 m of BRAWOLINER® 3D DN 100 to 150 and
4 t of BRAWO® resin, contractor AFS Chemisage renovated the vertical wastewater pipes within the Pullmann Hotel in Paris, France.

Before the start of the rehabilitation project, the situation was that the hotel building and the pipelines were constructed in the 1970s. The vertical wastewater pipes were made of cast iron and the building had to undergo a major renovation that would take four years. Originally, all the wastewater pipes were to be replaced. However, during the renovation, the replacement of the pipes was cancelled due to the high costs and time involved. After flooding on some floors due to damaged pipes, the work was re-evaluated and the customer took up a relining methodology option due to time and costs.

The challenge was the very short time frame allowable, only five weeks, to repair 42 vertical cast iron DN 125 down pipes with the lengths of 70 m and 64 m each. Four personnel were needed to install the liners with ten to re-open the connections.

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“The work included cleaning, relining, re-opening connections and reconnecting the pipes. Because of the big job site we had a lot of equipment and people, so there were tight supply demands which had to be delivered ‘just in time’ on the job site.” Said Yaker Ait of BRAWO SYSTEMS. “We managed the supply and service of this big volume project in spite of the extreme length of the liners just as planned.”


The BRAWOLINER® 3D was used on this project due to its extraordinary properties.

As it was specially developed for large dimensional changes or several jumps in dimension in succession, the BRAWOLINER® 3D could be used in diameters from DN 70 to DN 400. The seamlessly knitted liner adapts optimally to any pipe diameter and impresses with an excellent installation result.

The extremely flexible polyester loop construction allows for enormous lateral expansion. This makes the BRAWOLINER® 3D an optimal rehabilitation solution for difficult wastewater systems.

The BRAWOLINER® 3D was able to demonstrate these unique properties on the Pullmann project. After the installation work, the liners fitted perfectly and crease-free to the old pipes.


At the Pullmann Hotel, the new BRAWO® SteamGenerator 50 UL was used. Its low weight and mobility on the job site is ideal for installations in small areas and tight conditions, for example like hotel floors or hotel rooms. This led to a fast rehabilitation process and the vertical pipes could be rehabilitated in a few hours in each case.


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