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Reduct Gyroscopic Mapping equipment

Reduct now offers the Product-as-a-Service (PaaS) concept, a true paradigm shift in the world of mapping

Gyroscopic mapping of underground ducts and pipes has been around for a few decades now, and it continues to gain traction amongst the worlds’ utilities as an accurate and unique technology providing uniform and rich (high-frequency) XYZ data. However, the market perception is that Gyroscopic mapping is more expensive than traditional mapping and locating technologies, but that is not due to the cost of the technology. The true cause of the current rates is that specialised service providers are often located far from the jobsite.

Reduct now offers the Product-as-a-Service (PaaS) concept, a true paradigm shift in the world of mapping!

The fundamental principles behind the PaaS concept are:

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  • Reduct makes all required mapping equipment available free of charge.
  • In return for not having to invest in equipment, system users commit to a annual minimum mapping volume
  • The value of the equipment and the volume commitment will be the basis of calculating a flat rate per foot.

So instantly, the equipment component of the Gyroscopic Mapping service becomes a investment risk-free, fully variable per foot cost, regardless of the number of feet mapped on a day.

One of the most important features differentiating the PaaS concept from a straight lease is Equipment Flexibility. Reduct understands that requirements may change over time and that your system pool must change accordingly. So the PaaS concept has that flexibility built in: simply add, exchange or return equipment to match your new requirements.

Furthermore, the PaaS rate is hassle free, it include system maintenance, normal wear and tear, online support and access to the Reduct Academy for training operators.

So stop looking for business for the tools that you have, go and find the business and Reduct will make the tools available that you need.

For more information about the PaaS concept and the benefit it can bring to your business please visit our website or contact us at

Take no Risk, Get it Mapped!

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