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Small diameter and high temperature Pipeline Rehab from Norditube

NORDIWALL Flex Lite, from NordiTube is especially suited for the renovation of small diameters pipes from DN50 to DN150. Flex Lite is a very flexible needle felt liner and is specially designed for house connections and industrial pipes. Due to the specially manufactured felt, even bends up to 90° can be rehabilitated. NORDIWALL Flex Lite is also distinguished by its outstanding coating. The PP coating is particularly suited for the rehabilitation of domestic sewage pipes. NORDIWALL Flex Lite is ideally suited to seal joints and cracks and to stop internal corrosion. This not only provides a structural improvement to the pipe, but also improves the flow rate and extends the life of the pipeline.

NordiTube also offers the flexible felt with the proven HT coating, which has been specially developed for small diameter renovation in the industrial sector. The NORDIWALL HT liner has very good flexibility, chemical resistance. Using different special resins in the Norditube portfolio it can achieve a heat resistance to between 80°C to 140°C and is used for the following applications:

  • Industrial gravity sewer
  • Food production industry
  • District heating pipes
  • Industrial pressure pipe lines
  • High temp- & cooling pipe lines
  • Petro chemical pipe lines

NORDIWALL HT is applicable for semi-structural and non-structural applications. NORDIWALL HT consists of a needle felt liner, having on one side a special coating of modified Polypropylene PP. Using a two-component epoxy resin system, the uncoated face of NORDIWALL HT is entirely bonded to the host pipe. The installation method is inversion with steam curing and requires a special heating curve to reach the needed glass transition temperature TG. Website: (This article was provided to Trenchless Works magazine on behalf of its corporate member).

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