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Picote Solutions is excited to launch Picote Aqua to the UK market at No-Dig Live. Picote Solutions is an innovator and manufacturer of high-speed machinery, tools and methods for the cleaning and rehabilitation of small diameter pipelines DN32 to DN300.

Picote Aqua utilises the same tried and tested machinery and tools deployed at thousands of wastewater worksites around the world every day, for clean water applications. Picote Aqua Millers offer increased range and capabilities, they can be nanocoated for additional hygiene, featuring food-grade shaft lubricant for extra safety.

High-Speed cleaning and descaling operations have become mainstream in wastewater applications over the last few years. Traditional mechanical cleaning equipment rotates at speeds of around 200 rpm, whereas highspeed cleaning machines start at 500 rpm and then increase to 1,500 to 2,900 rpm depending on the model. By opening up these possibilities to the clean water sector, more can be achieved in much less time, not only reducing traffic disruption and carbon emissions, but enabling rehabilitation to tackle
leakage targets.

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Picote Aqua Millers have a small worksite footprint and can fit in any standard-sized work vehicle. They are less labour intensive than traditional methods, requiring fewer operatives. They can be operated dry without the need to use any water, however, the dust and debris arising from the cleaning process must be removed using either a vacuum, blower, plunger
or a small amount of water. The rotating shaft is housed inside a plastic outer casing allowing the operator to safely hold the shaft during operation.

The machines are also fitted with a safety clutch (either mechanical or electrical) to provide extra protection to the operator when it is in use, along with an emergency stop switch. As the outer casing does not rotate, the operator can attach a CCTV camera behind the cleaning head and monitor the entire process. A range of tools are available and attach to the end of the shaft to clean even hard tuberculate, including Chains, Drill Chains, Special Drill Heads, Smart CutterTM, Smart Spider and Smart Sweeper. These can also be nanocoated if required.

The 110 V Aqua Midi Cleaner has 10 mm diameter shaft and is suitable for cleaning DN50 to DN150 pipes. It features a 23 m range which can be extended by 10 m to 33 m overall. Next up, the 110 V Picote Aqua Maxi Miller offers the most versatility within the current
offering, with a stronger 12 mm diameter shaft it is suitable for DN70 to DN250 pipes and has a 30 m range which can be expanded to 45 m with an extension shaft. Finally, the Picote Maxi Power+ is a 3-phase 400 V machine with an 18 mm diameter shaft, suitable
for cleaning DN100 to DN300 pipes. The company’s most powerful machine, it has a range of 18 m which can be extended to 49 m with extensions.

To increase the current range, Picote now exclusively offers the Schwalm Talpa Robot series for clean water pipelines in the U.K, enabling contractors to work up to 200 m when required. The Talpa 1330 is suitable for DN150 to DN300 pipes and the Talpa 2060 for DN200 to DN600. Compatible with industry-leading CCTV systems, the Talpa series includes interchangeable components between robots. Servicing and technical support is available in Scotland and England at our Training Centres.

Picote is committed to the continued development of safe, reliable, cost-effective pipeline cleaning equipment that meets the operational and environmental challenges that network owners face in maintaining the supply of high-quality drinking water to their customers. The Picote Aqua Mega Miller for clean water is currently undergoing testing and is set to expand Picote operations even further, with a reach of over 100 m from a single access point.

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