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JBP offering expert training courses

JBP is delighted, once again, to have been invited by Paul Harwood and Westrade, the organiser of No-Dig Live, to run a programme of short training sessions, on the opening day of the event, in Peterborough, UK. Some readers may recall attending the very well
received training session it ran with Dr Dec Downey last September, on the important area of Cured-inPlace Pipe (CIPP) Design and Current Practice.

This short course generated plenty of discussion and will form the focus of an extended course to be made available in the near future on JBP’s on-line platform –

This year we have extended the programme, to include a number of short training sessions, working with JBP’s team of trainers who include some of the sector’s most recognisable faces. Between them have more years of experience than they might care to admit to. Julian Britton from Wessex Water will introduce the programme, with insights into
applications of CIPP for pressure lining works, as well as the importance of mentoring and training for the next generation of engineers.

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Don Ridgers, formerly Principal Engineer at one of the UK’s largest water and wastewater services companies, will share his considerable expertise and experience, examining
effective tools for predicting failures in rising mains. Julian and Don will be joined by Tom Sangster who has offered extensive technical consulting services for over 30 years,
internationally, to many of the sector’s key utilities and contracting companies. Tom will be focusing on inspection and assessment beyond leak detection for Water Mains.

One of the main pillars to JBP’s trenchless training programme of courses is to work with experts from various parts of the trenchless sector, who, in addition to their evident professional expertise, bring to the table a considerable accumulation of knowledge and experience.

JBP is therefore delighted to be able to work with the aforementioned experts in bringing training opportunities to prestigious events such as No-Dig Live.

The scope of the event, by its nature, will only allow the trainers to scratch the surface and offer short training sessions that provide a focus on key points and priorities. These points need to be inspected in much more detail to gain a fuller understanding of context, technical considers and correct applications. The good news is that through JBP’s Trenchless Training Programme, together with many the sector’s leading experts, JBP will continue to develop essential and relevant courses, and make them readily available and easily accessible through its on-line platform.

In the next month JBP will add three new courses to those already available. These courses have been designed and developed, over the last year, in close conjunction with JBP’s
team of experts and trainers – Dr Downey, Tom Sangster and Don Ridgers. The courses focus in areas that our research has told us are much needed and in demand from utilities and consulting companies alike.

The course developed with Dr Downey provides a comprehensive overview of trenchless technologies and methods for sewer pipeline rehabilitation. This course is an update on an earlier course first successfully delivered in 2019 and has now been adapted for on-line access. It will help inform key decision making when selecting appropriate methods and technologies.

The courses developed with Tom Sangster and Don Ridgers examine in detail the processes of effective inspection, assessment and decision-making for Water Mains and for Rising
or Pumping Mains respectively. These courses are the first in a series of two courses, with the second courses focusing on rehabilitation and replacement.

What all these courses have in common is the contribution and input of the experts who have been involved in their development and delivery, in sharing their knowledge,
experience and expertise. It is fundamental to the continued success, growth and innovation within the trenchless sector, for this transfer of knowledge to take place, and for the next generation of engineers to have access to this invaluable resource.

This knowledge and know-how transfer will not only be of considerable benefit to individual engineers and technicians and the companies and organisations for whom they work who seize the opportunity and sign up for appropriate training. It will also benefit the sector as a whole, in promoting use of trenchless methods, awareness of its benefits, and its successful applications.

JBP initiated its trenches training programme, over five years ago, after several years of working in a market in which trenchless rehabilitation methods were still a relatively new innovation. It became very clear that without related training and education, the successful use of trenchless methods was far from being assured, and therefore opportunities that might follow would be frustrated. JBP is pleased to be working with some the sector’s
most experienced experts, providing a platform for knowledge transfer to the next generation of trenchless practitioners, and in some part ensuring successful trenchless outcomes and opportunities.

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