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OnSite’s growth and financial success in the water industry during 2022 has been nothing short of remarkable

OnSite, a leading provider of specialist engineering services, recently announced that it has been awarded the prestigious title of Contractor of the Year at the Water Industry Awards 2023. This accolade recognises the company’s exceptional achievements, innovation, sustainability efforts and commitment to its employees.

OnSite’s growth and financial success in the water industry during 2022 has been nothing short of remarkable. The company now operates on 22 national water sector frameworks, which is a 25% increase on the previous year. Working with all UK WASCs, WOCs and non-Ofwat-regulated water companies, OnSite has established a strong presence in the industry. Turnover has soared to an impressive £100 million, marking a 25% growth compared to the previous year and a staggering 37% growth over the past two years. This expansion has been driven by the company’s ability to deliver outstanding results across multiple performance targets, including leakage reduction, water conservation, flood risk mitigation and pollution reduction.

OnSite is at the forefront of innovation, continuously leading the industry with new techniques and practices. The company has formed exclusive partnerships with international technology providers, bringing cutting-edge solutions to the UK water sector. One such example is the introduction of Kando, an international wastewater analytics product that identifies pollutants in sewers. This ground-breaking technology has been successfully trialled by three water companies, with ongoing projects aiming to identify pollutants, polluters and prevent future occurrences. Additionally, OnSite has partnered with Phoslock Environmental Technologies (PET) to improve excessive richness of nutrients (including phosphates) in a lake or other body of water. The company has also incorporated digital signage on its vehicles, promoting its clients’ brands and messages while enhancing customer engagement.

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OnSite is dedicated to minimising its environmental impact and optimising resource utilisation. The company fosters a culture of employee-led innovation, encouraging new ideas to enhance sustainability and reduce carbon footprint. Projects prioritise no-dig technology, recycled materials and the creation of nature habitats from project waste material. The company has made significant investments to reduce its fleet’s environmental impact, employing the ‘Lightfoot’ data-led driver coaching technology and fleet telematics system, resulting in a 29 t reduction in CO2 emissions within four months. OnSite has also
introduced environmentally-friendly sewer CCTV vehicles with integrated solar panels, reducing noise pollution and carbon emissions. By leveraging AI-powered software, such
as VAPAR, the company has increased efficiency in pipeline inspections, minimising time spent on site and providing added value to clients.

OnSite firmly believes in investing in its people for longterm success. The company has embraced the Human and Organisational Performance (HOP) approach, fostering a no blame culture that promotes continuous improvement and employee wellbeing. Through initiatives like the employee health and safety conference, Work Insight workshops and
MindSafety training, OnSite actively engages its workforce in improving skills, safety and wellbeing. The company’s commitment to learning and development is evident in the
average of seven training sessions each employee received in 2022. Furthermore, OnSite celebrates success by sharing client feedback, rewarding achievements and launching
annual employee recognition awards.

Simon Dray, Managing Director of SSI, Water, Waste and Infrastructure, expressed his gratitude and excitement, stating: “This is an incredible recognition for the OnSite
team, a business with ambition, a first-class leadership team and an industry track record to prove its pedigree. A huge thank you to all the employees and for the recognition from the Water Industry Awards panel of members.”

The Water Industry Awards 2023 serves as a platform to acknowledge and celebrate the remarkable achievements of companies within the water sector. OneSite’s win as Contractor of the Year showcases its industry leadership, innovation and commitment to sustainability and employee development.

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