Saturday, May 28, 2022

Low-Cost Camera System Launch

Andy Guest Jetters recently introduced the TV35 push-rod camera system to its product range

Andy Guest Jetters recently introduced the TV35 push-rod camera system to its product range. The new system marks the manufacturer’s first venture into drainage inspection equipment, an area of growth across the sector.

Jon Woods, Sales Manager at Andy Guest, explained that feedback from customers was integral in deciding to expand into this area of the market saying: “A lot of customers have asked about camera systems as the demand for inspection equipment rises across the industry, and we could not ignore that. We have worked closely with our sister company Rioned to identify the right product, and with a starting price of just £1,180, we are pleased to be in a position to offer one of the most affordable, high-quality camera systems in the industry.”

The TV35 is a push-rod camera system for drain and sewer inspection and surveys of pipes with diameters from 25 mm to 200 mm. Compact and lightweight, this robust system is easily transportable and has the advantage of modular construction, which means parts can easily be replaced in the field at a low cost.

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Waterproof to depths of 10 m, the IP68-rated camera head features a 120° wide-angle lens with a sapphire glass coating and 12 LED lights for high-definition picture and video quality. The open-reel system includes 35 m of 6.8 mm diameter durable and flexible fibreglass pushrod cable, comfortably capable of negotiating 90° bends in smaller diameter pipes. Images and video, captured at 800×480 resolution, can be accessed via playback on the 7 inch LCD monitor and saved to integrated SD cards.

Mounted on a compact frame, the TV3 can be moved efficiently from job to job and has a maximum weight of just 13 kg. A rugged and hard-wearing suitcase houses a control box and wireless keyboard, which can be easily removed to aid the operation of the inspection system in restricted access areas.

The system is powered by a rechargeable, high-capacity lithium-ion battery
pack which can last up to five hours of continuous use. A user-friendly interface allows operators to fine-tune the camera’s settings, with information able to
be displayed in nine different languages. Contractors can also customise their systems, with a 23 mm or 38 mm self-levelling camera head, and a built-in 512 Hz Sonde transmitter, which are available as optional upgrades.

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