A client from Essex, UK-based Public Sewer Services (PSS) was confronted with a section of foul rising main which was repeatedly bursting and leaking, causing a high pollution risk as well as each burst resulting in an emergency road closure to carry out repairs, on one of only two main roads out of the local town.

The solution offered by PSS was to carry out rehabilitation on the existing pipe using a 450m long Primus Line liner. With minimal disruption, PSS excavated one launch pit and one reception pit, 450 m apart, in order to install the liner. The host pipe comprised 200 mm diameter ductile iron which was cleaned, scraped and pigged to ready the pipe for installation of the 450 m single length of 200 mm diameter Primus Line liner.

Primus Line is a flexible Kevlar reinforced high pressure liner that is produced at the Primus factory in Germany. It can be produced seamlessly up to a length of 4,500 m, with continuous installation lengths of up to 2,500 m. It satisfies the highest standards for media transport, notably in the area of potable water.

The benefits of using Primus Line liner for this project over traditional open cut
excavations or CIPP liners included:
•Minimised disruption
•Reduced noise and traffic disturbance
•Reduced carbon footprint
•Reduced cost
•Reduced time
•No resin or curing required
•Reduced environmental impact

The 450 m of Primus Line liner was installed in just one day, with Primus connectors
fitted on each end the same day to facilitate connection of the liner to the host pipe. In comparison, an open cut excavation to replace the pipe would have taken several months. Website: www.publicsewerservices.co.uk