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JBP launch new Trenchless Training platform

JBP announces its market leading training platform is being rolled out globally, available in situ when circumstances require, or through a virtual learning environment offering options of blending learning with live access to JBP trenchless experts.

JBP announces its market leading training platform is being rolled out globally, available in situ when circumstances require, or through a virtual learning environment offering options of blending learning with live access to JBP trenchless experts.

Utilities and municipalities from all over the world are now able to improve their effective management and assessment of Trenchless projects by accessing the JBP training platform, soon available in Spanish and Portuguese language, and providing certification and validation to the trenchless industry. Contractors and consultants will enhance their delivery of successful completion, with investment in professional development and training for their managers, engineers, and technicians.

Training is available in situ when circumstances require, on-line through a fully developed learning management system (LMS), or with blending learning giving live access to JBP experts. Above all, it’s a training solution which provides employers with industry standardisation from a brand they can trust.

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Industry leaders

JBP has built its enviable reputation by providing face-to-face and on-line professional instruction delivered by highly regarded trenchless experts. With multiple agreements already confirmed including IWK municipalities, and the Malaysia Association of Trenchless Technologies (MATT), utility companies and contractors across the globe are already experiencing the benefits for themselves, and their network of engineers and technicians. The company’s extensive trenchless training programs provide the latest technical insight, together with hands-on practical experience for trenchless practitioners wanting to expand their knowledge and enhance their professional competencies.

With over 35 years of working in the Trenchless sector JBP has a deep appreciation of the absolute importance of professional training and education to support proper investigation
and assessment, effective decision-making, and ultimately successful implementation and completion using trenchless solutions. Its training portfolio includes courses in all aspects of trenchless technologies and applications for sewer assets management, including CCTV, robotics, pipe rehabilitation and reporting software. These cover the complete process from cleaning, inspection, reporting and assessment, through to choosing and applying the most appropriate and effective technology.

Key to JBP’s ability to deliver the most up to date and high- quality training across all its programmes is its use of sector experts that are currently working in the field. All its training partners are selected for their knowledge, extensive hands-on experience, and technical expertise in their specific fields.

JBP trenchless expertise

Dr Dec Downey has over 45 years’ experience in water and wastewater pipeline construction and rehabilitation and is widely regarded as one of the pre-eminent experts in the application of trenchless methods and technologies. Dr Downey is a past Chairman of the International Society of Trenchless Technology and holds the ISTT Gold Medal for his contribution to our industry. He has also been recognised with a UKSTT Lifetime Achievement Award and the Japan Micro-Tunnelling Association’s Kurose Prize.

“Participation with JBP to put new trenchless training material on a fully developed professional platform has been a very interesting challenge in the current climate of travel and assembly restrictions, quite different from my past experiences with ASCE Pipelines Course development and ISTT Masterclasses. I am excited by the launch of the programme and optimistic that our collaboration will facilitate a high level of skills development and technology transfer in challenging markets.” commented Dec Downey.

Tom Sangster, Civil Engineer, Downley Consultants is a leading expert in pipeline condition assessment and has undertaken and managed many water and sewer pipe inspection, condition assessment and rehabilitation projects throughout the world. Now operating from Switzerland, Tom has been working with JBP for many years, and offers great value into the JBP training line up. “With respect to training in trenchless rehabilitation, I firmly believe that there is a real need for professional training in all aspects, from CCTV and defect coding through reporting and condition assessment to developing rehabilitation programmes, that is independent of commercial vendors” said Tom.

Albert Herber is also supporting the JBP training platform, with pipe assessment material and is one of the pioneers in Germany with regard to UV cured CIPP lining.

JBP’s courses help utility companies and municipalities improve their effective management and assessment of trenchless projects while contractors and consultants
will enhance their delivery of successful outcomes, with investment in professional development and training for their managers, engineers, and technicians – a direct benefit the bottom line.

Technologies, Methods & Management

These courses deliver an introduction to the range of available trenchless technologies and methods for those who may be new to the sector, as well
as more detailed technical training for those who already have hands-on experience. This results in enhanced professional competency when selecting, working with and applying trenchless solutions. Organisations sending their employees on a JBP Trenchless Training courses will benefit from greater professional competency and informed knowledge when their technicians and engineers are applying their skills and delivering services to clients.

Pipe Rehabilitation

Covering the theoretical and technical aspects
of a wide variety of pipe rehabilitation methods these courses offer practical instruction and demonstrations wherever possible and aid the appropriate selection and application of technology. Contractors and other stakeholders offering CIPP installations services can be confident of the professional competency of their staff while helping site and desk engineers for utilities provider to improve their decision making.

Cleaning, Inspection and Assessment

Courses in sewer condition assessment and classification, CCTV inspection and use of robotics deliver enhanced competency in this vital area of trenchless technology. These courses will certify participants in delivering applicable skills in carrying out cleaning, inspection or assessment

In addition to the above, JBP will continue to work with its partners to develop new courses to meet the professional training needs of stakeholders throughout the industry. The company will be expanding the platform, in the near future, to provide a multi- lingual offering across its range of training programmes.

Students are also fortunate to benefit from the experience of founder and Managing Director of the JBP Group, Borje Persson and Frank Reilly, who created and implemented the platform. Head of Marketing and Communications at JBP, Frank Reilly said “The aim of JBP’s new Trenchless Training platform is to extend the reach and accessibility of our training programmes across the industry, and support professional development and knowledge exchange. This educational focus is, in my view, the bedrock of new innovations and effective application of existing technologies and methods – essential to any industry or sector if it is going to thrive and innovate. Our objective is to combine the strengths of our own experience with that of the many experts working throughout the industry, and provide a platform to share that expertise, to educate and inform the next trenchless generation.”

JBP will be exhibiting at various Trenchless and No-Dig events over the next 12 months. Visitors to JBP’s stand will be able find out more about the course on offer as well as how the exciting new blended platform can help improve the competency and knowledge of their operational and support teams.


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