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ISTT’s 38th annual No-Dig Conference and Exhibition

Welcome to ISTT’s 38th annual No-Dig Conference and Exhibition. This year’s
event falls at an important time for underground services in many countries
including Finland and across Northern Europe.

The demand for introducing and upgrading services means there is a clear need for
installation and refurbishment techniques which can meet the needs of businesses, public
sector organisations, utilities, planners, local authorities and more.

These are challenging times – consumers want better services, but they dislike the
disruption implementation can bring. They dislike continual installation works, but they
want their services to be as up to date and efficient as possible. Finland is a case in point:
the country wants to develop its infrastructure but wants to do so in a sustainable manner.
Finland and Helsinki in particular have a reputation for great design – design which is
both functional and efficient. This theme is reflected throughout the No-Dig Conference
and Exhibition as great design is key to achieving effectiveness within the demands set by
businesses and end consumers.

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International No-Dig Helsinki demonstrates that the No-Dig industry is more than ready to
meet the challenges. Technology now offers a full range of solutions which can be matched
to specific scenarios and challenges, offering economic and efficient solutions which
are also sustainable in the long term. There have been industry studies, research and
assessments carried out at University level to inform and move the industry forward in the
interests of everyone concerned. The industry is also keen to share practical case studies
and examples of new and innovative approaches to No-Dig practice. Whatever challenges
your business is facing, Helsinki 2022 is the place to discover your next steps.

The significance of this particular conference is clearly demonstrated through the
organisations and businesses who are here and supporting the event. We would
like to thank our Host Society, FiSTT (Finnish Society Trenchless Technology) for
their help and involvement, alongside our other supporters FIWA (Finish Water
Waterworks Association) and INFRA (Infra Contractors Association in Finland).

We are also proud to have Picote as Diamond Sponsor, Geonex as Platinum
Sponsor, Lannen Alituspalvelu as Silver Sponsor and Trelleborg as Bronze Sponsor
of this event along with Impreg are City Hall and Gala Dinner Sponsor. We are
pleased to welcome all the major industry players, experts and suppliers in
Trenchless Technology to Helsinki, whether they are exhibiting or taking part in
the conference sessions.

This event will unite the trenchless community and provide leading-edge
innovation, knowledge, and business opportunities, whilst promoting a more
sustainable environment around the world. I hope you enjoy and fully benefit
from the next few days.

The Event

This year’s exhibition and conference will be a highly influential event for the
trenchless market and provide a unique platform for the global industry.
Over the three-day event No-Dig Helsinki will give visitors and delegates the
opportunity to engage with all areas of the No-Dig industry through a variety of
interactive and informative ways.

The Exhibition

The exhibition space at No-Dig Helsinki has been designed to give maximum access to
the latest frontline technology and solution providers. This is the place to experience
No-Dig solutions and technology up close, as well as meeting the people who are
making it their business to ensure No-Dig technology is better than ever.

This is effectively a one stop shop to see and evaluate a wide range of equipment and
services which will truly demonstrate trenchless technology and its capabilities.
Among the displays will be Horizontal Directional Drilling equipment (HDD), pipe
rammers, pipe bursters, pipe inspection, CCTV surveying, pipes and lining materials,
cleaning equipment, consulting services – and much much more.

The Conference

The Conference programme, brought together by ISTT and FiSTT includes papers
from industry leading experts, practitioners, and analysts. Featuring a multi-track
programme, organised over all three days, attendees will hear from a wide variety of
specialists, drawn from industry and academia. These sessions will combine research,
opinion, and practical case studies to offer a critical insight into best practice and
innovation in today’s No-Dig industry.

Both local and international speakers are taking part in the conference bringing
experience and knowledge from a wide variety of disciplines and industries. The ideas
and experiences from each will give attendees a chance to learn new and consider
new ideas and practices which can be transferred to their own businesses.

The Conference kicks off with a programme curated by the Finnish Society for
Trenchless Technology (FiSTT). This will be the national event for the country’s NoDig industry and will feature discussions, solutions and innovations from trenchless
projects and research across Finland.

Among the themes discussed will be new technology which can inspect and classify
network conditions and how climate impacts on different renovation techniques – an
increasingly important consideration given recent weather conditions.

Conference sessions over the following two days include the promotion of trenchless
technologies and detailed discussions of specific No-Dig techniques. The sessions
include speakers from around the world including Arizona State University (USA),
National Chung-Hsing University (Taiwan) and Birmingham University (UK). There are
contributions from Taipei Water Department, Tampere University and Primusline
specifically on water-based projects, with further insights from businesses including
Picote UK Ltd, Sitowise Plc and Watershed Associates.

Kia Aksela – FiSTT & Partner, Wise Environment: The FiSTT Conference
We are proud to have the Finnish National No-Dig Event on 3rd October as a part of
the International No-Dig 2022 Helsinki Exhibition and Conference. The programme
for this event has been specially designed to focus on the latest findings and technical
advancements around the country.

The first theme under discussion at the Conference concerns the enhancement
of sustainable network lifecycle management. As part of this we will be looking at
digitalisation, including a unique solution where data is transferred from the field to
operators’ systems. We will also be looking at technology which can inspect and classify
a network’s condition. There will be a case study about the climate’s impact on different
renovation techniques. The first theme of the day will therefore feature discussion of
the newest solutions and advancements in our field while the second part will focus on
issues to be improved in rehabilitation planning and renovation work.

As far as renovation work is concerned, a key question is the true length of the lifecycle
for a network. One of our panel discussions will be an honest debate on why some
projects do not succeed. By sharing these experiences we can help to support success
in the future. We will also be looking to share our experiences on implementing high
quality practices which fill the lifecycle demands.

The presentations include a case study of progress in systematic inspection of
networks with new technology helping to categorise different parts of the networks
as being in good condition, or needing to be followed up – demanding acute, detailed
inspection and repairs either by excavation or by trenchless technology. This case
study will show an example to all network operators of the need to take proactive and
responsible actions.

Alongside this will be a presentation from a project planned and coordinated by the
Finnish Society for Trenchless Technology (FiSTT) focussing on a unique solution for
data transfer from the field straight to the operators’ network information system. The
solution is the first of its kind and is based on open REST API. This will be followed a
presentation coordinated by FiSTT itself focussing on the lifecycle management of a
sustainable network – the idea here being that resources are respected and used in
a more responsible way. The final presentation is a case study which compares the
climate effects between excavation and trenchless technology projects. Something we
should routinely consider in every project in terms of lifecycle impact.

Can there be enough quality checks and considerations in infrastructure projects? With
high and standardised expectations and seriously taken responsibility the answer is
no. So, in the second theme the presentations cover the role of experts on different
phases of the projects as well as case studies on projects in the trenchless technologies
in the water supply and in sewer network rehabilitations. At the end of the second theme a novel solution for network rehabilitation with trenchless technology is presented. In the panel discussion we challenge the experts from operators, consultants, device manufacturers, material suppliers and contractors to share their knowledge from their point of view on how they ensure high quality and their tips how to avoid risks and deal with failures – straight and honest talk by real committed masters of our field.

The Student Programme

We are very proud that this year’s No-Dig Conference and Exhibition includes a Student Programme, aimed at informing and developing the skills and knowledge of young engineers. As part of this programme there will be a series of Trenchless Technology masterclasses offering students access to the basic principles of key technologies such as Microtunnelling, HDD, Pipe Ramming, Auger Boring and Pipe Bursting. There will also be sessions on more established rehabilitation methods such as Cured in Place Pipe, Spray Lining, Spiral Wound Lining, Fold and Form and Close Fit Lining.

Students will also learn about vital supporting technologies including geotechnical and condition assessment surveys as well as understanding more about the economic and environmental benefits of this technology.

The programme, based on the ISTT Masterclass concept, will end with a hosted tour of the exhibition to see first-hand the latest innovations in technology and service provision.

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