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International Society for Trenchless Technology (ISTT) is a Society dedicated to the education development and promotion of trenchless techniques, with a Council of industry experts

International Society for Trenchless Technology (ISTT) is a Society dedicated to the education development and promotion of trenchless techniques, with a Council of industry experts

The International Society for Trenchless Technology (ISTT) was established in September 1986 with the object “to advance the science and practice of trenchless technology for the public benefit…” and “to promote education, training, study and research in the said science and practice for the public benefit, and to publish the useful results of the same.”

In the years that followed, ISTT affiliated with regional trenchless societies located throughout the world to advance these objectives globally. ISTT has 27 Affiliated Societies. All recorded members of an Affiliated Society are members of ISTT. In addition to Affiliated Society members, ISTT has a limited number of members who reside in regions where no Affiliate Society exits.

What are the benefits of joining ISTT?

Membership benefits accrue to these Affiliated Societies and their members. ISTT benefits include:

  • Community: ISTT members benefit from extensive international collaboration and networking. Interaction occurs through the annual International No-Dig Conference and numerous conferences and meetings organized by Affiliated Societies/ISTT.
  • Technical Impact: ISTT advocates for advancing the science and engineering of trenchless technology. Regular ISTT Webinars, free to members, are educational forums for trenchless developments. Technical papers from 20+ years of International No-Dig conferences are presented and discussed both virtually and in-person. Members are entitled to free downloads of the collection of these international papers. ISTT committees stress technology development and further educational opportunities, and committee membership is open to all ISTT members. Current committees deal with grants and awards, technology and education, outreach and marketing, finance.
  • Education and Information: ISTT distributes technical and operational information on a regular basis to its members. In 2021, ISTT plans to inaugurate a new international magazine. This new product will be distributed to all ISTT members. Society news and information are regularly electronically distributed via newsletter and LinkedIn.
  • Membership benefits: ISTT members are entitled to free downloads  of technical papers and reports that were presented at International No-Digs and other relevant sessions. Educational webinar videos/PDFs are available too on the same member’s page. ISTT members are eligible for membership discounts at ISTT-sponsored events when offered.

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The UK Society for Trenchless Technology (UKSTT) held the first in person Masterclasses since March 2020 at the National Motorcycle Museum


Two new trenchless tenders have been recently announced in Istanbul

A Message From ISTT Chair

Hi ISTT members! I am happy! The reason for this is that I can see the world opening up again, albeit step by step, slowly...

MATT – Part Of The ISTT Family

The Malaysia Association for Trenchless Technologies (MATT) has been established to have a body truly representative of all stakeholders from the sector throughout the country


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