Saturday, April 17, 2021

IKT webinar to launch 2020 Liner Report

The webinar is being run twice on 14th April at 09.00 BST and 16.00 BST.

IKT (Institute for Underground Infrastructure) has announced a specially arranged webinar to mark the launch of its highly regarded 2020 IKT Liner Report.

IKT’s impartial and independent Test Centre for Building Products has reported on the results of its CIPP liner tests every year since 2004, with the aim of providing its renovation project clients with an assessment of the quality of installation actually achieved by products available on the market.

These reports evaluate CIPP liner samples obtained directly on-site. The samples are taken after curing of the liner and sent to the IKT laboratory, where inspectors determine the important indicators of modulus of elasticity, flexural strength, wall thickness and watertightness.

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This year’s IKT LinerReport presents the results from the evaluation of installed CIPP gravity sewer liners based on 2,600 samples taken post-installation. The free webinar will be presented by Roland Waniek and Barbara Grunewald, two of the authors, and an international perspective will be provided by Dec Downey from Trenchless Opportunities Ltd. The event will cover:

  • Origins of the LinerReport and why it was requested by German sewer network owners
  • The requirements and how tests are undertaken by IKT’s Test Centre for CIPP liners
  • Key findings of the 2020 LinerReport
  • Trends observed over the last 17 years
  • An international perspective
  • Q&A

The webinar is being run twice on 14th April at 09.00 BST and 16.00 BST. Further details can be found at

Please email to register together with you preferred time.


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