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Expanding Options For The Pipe Renovation Industry

RSM Lining Supplies Global Ltd has been growing as a business for well over a decade and its catalogue of products and services has grown with it

RSM Lining Supplies Global Ltd has been growing as a business for well over a decade and its catalogue of products and services has grown with it. The company offers a variety of industry proven brands upheld by the highest quality of technical service and support. This includes its impregnation service, specialist liners, Inversion Drum Family, RSM Pipe Aid and Rapid Seal range, and its EU Skills accredited CIPP Lining and Patching Training Course.

RSM offers what is claimed to be the most comprehensive range of liner impregnation services across the whole of the UK and Ireland. With the largest factory impregnation system in the UK, the company can accommodate liners up to 1,800 mm diameter.

From the specification of the liner design to the impregnation of the liner, and finally the delivery of the liner to site – RSM offers a full package, no matter how demanding the project may be.

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RSM has the capacity and specialist equipment to perform on site impregnation of large diameter liners also. This is particularly useful when restrictions of the working time of resin mean that delivery to site in refrigerated transport is not possible. For the most demanding sites it has a self-contained, trailer mounted site impregnation and installation facility, suitable for liners up to 300 mm diameter.

The company has extensive experience of impregnating large diameter liners with a variety of resins that have been specifically developed for CIPP application. These include long life hot water or steam cured Epoxy systems, Polyester systems, Vinylester systems, and UV LED Vinylester systems.

Through recent product development, RSM additionally has the capacity to impregnate and deliver to site its Fero Force liner for pressure pipe applications.

A reactive solution for pressure pipe rehabilitation, Fero Force is an inversion liner reinforced with fibreglass and impregnated with a Vinylester resin. This exclusive technology fully integrates and blends the unique properties of each, providing a structural repair for pressure pipes and rising mains.

It is suitable to withstand positive pressure of up to 12 bar and RSM offers a full design service upon enquiry. The liner is available in diameters ranging from 150 mm upwards, is factory impregnated, and delivered to site in refrigerated transport. It is then inverted into the pipe and cured – liner end seals are fitted to complete the repair.

RSM offers several other specialist liners such as Echo Liner and its UV Cure Speedy Liner. Echo Liner is an exclusive product to RSM Lining Supplies – it is an extremely flexible circular knit liner capable of negotiating bends of up to 90o, available in 100 mm and 150 mm diameters. It is seam-free to guarantee optimum flexibility and suitable for all installation and cure methods.

The company’s WRc approved UV Speedy Liner launched back in 2018. It is a glass reinforced GRP woven product with an increased strength characteristic as opposed to standard felt liner. Available in diameters ranging from 150 mm to 300 mm, Speedy Liner can be cut to size for job-specific installations or alternatively can be purchased in bulk. RSM offers next day delivery as standard and can also provide a timed delivery service to site if required. Speedy Liner is suitable for UV and LED curing, making it an incredibly versatile UV liner.

RSM also offers a range of its very own inversion equipment. The Inversion Drum Family consists of four drums, the Baby Drum, Intermediate, Medium, and Large. The Baby Drum, as the name suggests, is the smallest inversion unit; a lightweight unit with the capability of installing both 100 mm and 150 mm diameter liners in lengths up to 15 m, and up to 50 m of calibration hose.

The drum is made of light-weight aluminium to enable one-man lift and has an easy access glass lid for increased visibility. It is suitable for use with air and water curing systems.

The newest addition to the Inversion Drum Family, the Intermediate Drum, is capable of inverting longer lengths of 100 mm and 150 mm diameter liner than its Baby Drum counterpart with the capacity to install up to 25 m of liner. It can also be used for calibration hose during a drag in installation and is suitable for use with air, water, steam, and UV curing systems.

Like the Intermediate Inversion Drum, the Medium Drum is made of light-weight aluminium but is skid mounted for increased manoeuvrability on site. It has the increased capacity to invert liners up to 60 m in length in diameters up to 225 mm and is claimed to be the perfect piece of equipment for longer length lining in smaller diameter ranges.

The largest unit within the Inversion Drum Family is the Large Inversion Drum. This unit is capable of inverting liners up to 300 mm diameter, in lengths up to 100 m. It is claimed to be the only inversion drum capable of inverting liners up to this diameter and is skid-mounted for increased manoeuvrability on site.

In addition to its lining services and products, RSM offers its very own range of patching materials manufactured in-house. These can either be purchased in a handy Pipe Aid Kit format or in bulk. All versions of the PU Silicate Resin cure in the presence of water, are highly resistant to chemicals, and bond excellently to virtually all pipe materials.

RSM’s Pipe Aid Patch Repair kits are manufactured to contain all materials required for the permanent and watertight repair of damaged pipes in a handy kit format. They are WRc approved and available in winter, summer, and LED cured forms.

Recently introduced to its product range is the RSM Rapid Seal Family of products – including the Grout and Expander Shot.

Rapid Seal Grout is a cement-based, all-in-one repair mortar used to stop the flow of infiltration in manholes or accessible points in need of repair. In contrast, Rapid Seal Expander Shot is used to halt the flow of water ingress coming through at multiple points or when the flow is extreme. This is achieved when the mixture is injected into or near the point in need of remediation. The fluid cures instantaneously expanding to 30 times its volume. This fills any cavity caused by wash away and finds any cracks or holes through which water previously flowed.

Finally, RSM has offered training and consultancy services for several years and now has a WRc approved, EU Skills accredited, CIPP Lining and Patching Training Course which is an in depth delve into the world of CIPP, providing an understanding of all levels of lining and patching to increase the quality of workmanship within the CIPP industry, and ensure correct practices giving a quality product to the asset owner. This has been designed specifically for drainage engineers, water authorities, site managers, and Tier 1 contractors to offer confidence that all attendees are trained to a high skill level and are able to successfully install liners and patches up to 300 mm diameter.

From its beginning in 2003 RSM Lining Supplies’ ethos has been to introduce choice and technology to the CIPP industry, positioning it as a forward thinking, market-leading supplier, committed to providing only the highest-class of materials and a top-level service. The company supplies the full package of technical knowledge, equipment, services, and materials to the wastewater industry.

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