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Anglian Water’s IMR WR partner Clancy Group approached S1E and Picote Solutions to demonstrate a lateral collar system on a flood mitigation project.

Due to the high-water table in the scheme area, infiltration has been identified requiring sealing around a number of laterals in a previously relined sewer.

The work would reduce, if not eliminate, potential ground water inflow and infiltration thereby improving the flow capacity of the main. The existing main was DN150 pipe with DN100 lateral connections.


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After assessing the available products for the project, IMR-WR Clancy’s selected the recently launched Picote Connection Collar system 2.0 for the installations. The product was supplied by Picote reseller and service centre S1E.

The works were completed in just one day, which included installation of the new connection collars as well as training and demonstration of the new system to Clancy’s Lining Manager Steve Mason and site operatives.

The only obstacle on the day was that the original manhole used for the lining works a decade ago was now part of a car park and so was not available to use for the collar installations. The installation team assessed the potential location of nearby accesses and selected a new access point which allowed the works to be completed. All works were undertaken using Standard C8 NRASW and standard Confined space regulations to install the DN150/DN100 Picote Connection Collars required.


The Picote Connection collar system 2.0 is next generation Connection Collar System from Picote. The system provides a 360° resin cured connection rehabilitation system that mechanically bonds to all pipe types. The unique, fully taped-seam Connection Collars and custom Push Rods allow users to quickly and easily install and rehabilitate connections. The system also offers the option to cure the installed connection with steam curing for even faster project completion.

Access using the system can be obtained from the main pipeline or via the lateral connection itself.

One of the advantages of the new systems is that the Push rods are of a thicker design allowing the collar to be pushed further into the pipeline then the previous system. This reduced the access requirements where laterals need to be connected further into the existing lined main than before.

The new 2.0 system is available for Main Line Pipe Diameters of DN100 to DN225 (4 in to 9 in diameter) and Connection Pipe Diameters from DN50 to DN225 (2 in to 9 in diameter). It is installed with Normal Air Pressure of 0.3 to 1.5 bar (4.4 to 21.8 psi).

The main benefits of the new Connection Collar 2.0 system include:

  • Seals the main pipeline and lateral connection.
  • Protects against infiltration and exfiltration.
  • It can be used in lined or unlined pipes.
  • Available for standard T and Y connections, and even double connections with 90° or 180° angles between them.
  • Fully Taped Seams eliminate the risk of resin leakage to create a high-quality connection.
  • Black Seam Thread makes it very easy to visually line up the connection for perfect installations
  • The one-way Steam Port inclusion allows users the option of steam curing, whilst retaining the capability of vacuuming down the Bladder to ease post-curing equipment removal.
  • Custom Push Rods address the need to have a solution that is both strong enough for pushing and rotation, while also flexible enough to navigate multiple bends.

For Picote Dawn Greig, Senior Director commented: “We are delighted that the Connection Collar 2.0 System is now available. We are grateful for the collaboration with S1E and Clancy Group on this project for Anglian Water, especially for their patience while we waited for updated components. Infiltration and exfiltration is a problem everywhere, with this system you can quickly and easily make repairs that strengthen the mainline and the lateral simultaneously, significantly reducing the need for future repair works. The system can be used in conjunction with CIPP lining or by itself to seal defective connections and junctions.”

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