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Drain Trader Waterways

Bluelight Lining Ltd most prestigious delivery to date.

At the end of March 2024, we had the great privilege of handing over what we deemed to be the most prestigious lining equipment we have ever had.

Waterways Drainage Specialists Ltd who are one of the biggest Bluelight users in the country have been steadily increased their lining works since starting in 2018. Waterways  purchased their first Bluelight system in 2021 this was the first-generation system with a 40m curing reel, compressor, generator and Krasotech lining drum. This completely new method of curing CIPP products was taken onboard by the Waterways team and installation started on site the same week with a number of domestic properties having their drainage rehabilitated with the Bluelight system.

First trip out with the first Bluelight system for Waterways.

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In 2022 John Lawler director at Waterways contacted us again to discuss an additional purchase. They required a system that could install longer liners so their second Bluelight system again being the first generation this time with both the 40m curing reel and the 100m curing reel compressor, generator and Inversion equipment at the time Waterways were only the second company in the country to be operating two Bluelight systems.

Recently the company have gone through a major growth period and again expanded their lining works. Having landed numerous new contracts for lateral lining on reactive works as well as mains lining on pre-planned works. This increase required another Bluelight system and after discussions with John and his team a full system would be purchased. This full set up included a fully bespoke vehicle build dedicated to working professionally and economically, but with the ability to negotiate the small narrow roads throughout the Southwest.

The long wheel base Mercedez sprinter included a PTO driven 110cfm compressor and 8Kva generator, built in aftercooler and filters, battery backup and 3000w inverter, fully customised internal build with tool storage, equipment storage, 75m retractable power cable, retractable air lines, shelving and racking as well as an insulated liner box, the 3.5t vehicle also had inversion drum storage and a specially designed internal lighting with both amber lighting for handling the light cure liners safely and a bright white work lights.

To mark this special purchase and being the first full build system that Bluelight Lining Ltd have supplied, we decided to surprise John with a vehicle wrap to show off the companies dedication to being the leader in LED light cure lining.

Handing over the vehicle was an incredibly proud moment for everyone involved, both Stuart Lineham and James Stern of Bluelight Lining Ltd have works tirelessly to develop a market in the UK within LED light curing CIPP. Bringing the first LED light curing system into the UK in 2018 as contractors to determine if the system would work well in the UK market. Once this had been established it was apparent that Bluelight was going to be a great choice for UK contracting companies. Initially Bluelight equipment was supplied via Germany but supported via a UK subsidiary. Once the market had grown Bluelight Lining Ltd was established and the company have gone from strength to strength.

It is a fantastic achievement for John Lawler and his staff to progress to this purpose-built vehicle, all systems still working on a daily basis installing liners throughout the Southwest and further afield, they often get called upon to assist in large lining projects where one system just can’t physically keep up.

It was important for John and his staff to only be installing WRc certified products, to be the first member of the Drain Safe Quality Standard as well as their other recognised schemes meant that Bluelight was the only way for them to go. With both the system and the materials having the highest quality standards, including WRc, and DIbT certification quality could be assured. It is clear in the UK that standards are very broad and certified products are often overlooked for cheaper alternatives, this is something that John wanted to avoid, and installing Bluelight materials avoided any doubt in customers minds.

The next step for Waterways guys is to progress onto the use of the new GRP products that Bluelight Lining Ltd are now offering. As a company we have always offered these products but with new impregnation methods and new resins the materials are more mainstream in their approach and now being impregnated with Styrene containing Polyester resins, their cost has reduced considerably and are now in line with traditional UV materials but the fact they can be cured with the Bluelight equipment means that a faster more reactive approach can be taken. The PAA-GF liners are fast curing, incredibly strong, the curing of these liners have been tested thoroughly and the resting Styrene content is below 2% proving that the perfect cure has been achieved every time.

As a company Bluelight Lining Ltd have grown year on year and with a move into bigger premises on the horizon this will enable larger stock levels, and more product selection, and this includes holding the stock of the PAA-GF liners, our aim is to educate contractors, and end clients, to carry out rehabilitation works to high standards utilising certified materials doesn’t mean it can’t be done cost effectively.  We aim to provide a service to our clients that not only outsells our competitors but to offer a long-lasting relationship that has the knowledge and experience to support our clients in any size project that they may have.

Choose a partner not a product.

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