Tuesday, August 16, 2022

Cross-Border Rehabilitation Project

The RTi group claims to have outdone itself once again in Burghausen, Bavaria, Germany

The RTi group claims to have outdone itself once again in Burghausen, Bavaria, Germany. It used some six tons of resin to install a 127 m long pipe liner with a final wall thickness of 11 mm, rehabilitating a DN1000 service water pipeline belonging to Wacker Chemie. A NORDIFLOW structural pressure liner system was used for the installation.

Also known as a culvert in technical jargon, it serves as an important water supply line for sensitive process water for Wacker Chemie passing under the Salzach River, which flows between Austria and Germany. The project was planned and prepared in cooperation with Wacker Chemie and with the support of the German and Austrian authorities. What made this project special were its cross-border execution and the respective requirements of the different authorities in the respective countries. In addition, special safety requirements at the plant and country-specific COVID regulations that had to be taken into account.

The short time windows available for the project execution were also rather unusual. A mere seven days were scheduled to complete the whole project – from decommissioning to recommissioning of the pipeline.

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The team had to drain, disconnect and clean the pressure pipeline with super-high-pressure cleaners, as well as install the liner and reconnect it, all within this tight time window.

Another challenge was the high groundwater level. The excavation pits were set up using tight sheet pile walls to allow the groundwater to sink. In addition, the level of the Salzach River had to be permanently monitored.


As a pipe rehabilitation specialist serving the industry, RTi knows that projects, especially in the industrial sector, have to be completed particularly quickly and on schedule. In the case of the Bavarian chemical group, it was the only way to keep production downtimes at a minimum. Thanks to the team’s excellent project preparation and fantastic commitment, RTi once again succeeded in completing the rehabilitation project flawlessly and on time. As a result, the client’s satisfaction was complete. Our thanks go out to the entire team.


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