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Cappagh Group is the first organisation in the UK to purchase two Brawo Magnavity LED Lining Systems from S1E as they deliver trenchless solutions to Thames Water for the next eight years.

Incorporated in 1973, Cappagh is a progressive, professional organisation, proud to serve the construction industry across the South. The business partners with utilities to ensure necessary services like water, sewerage, gas, and electric continue to flow.

Previously working with Thames Water for over 20 years, Cappagh has recently won the Waste Network Services lining contract to deliver trenchless solutions to the company for the next eight years. The lining division at Cappagh have continued to show their abilities to tackle the most challenging of reactive lining repair activities across the whole of the Thames Water network, and Cappagh’s latest investment is set to provide class leading trenchless repairs.

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After assessing the marketplace for the best solution, Cappagh consulted with S1E Ltd; the specialist suppliers of trenchless technology and discovered the Brawo® Magnavity LED Lining System.

The Brawo Magnavity LED Lining System utilises next generation light curing, with its innovative features and compact design. Continuing to offer outstanding value and service to their customers, Cappagh have invested in not one, but two Brawo Magnavity LED Lining Systems, including the required full installation system kits that include two inversion drums and air compressors.

These modern systems to enter the CIPP lining system market, have been supplied by S1E, Brawo’s leading UK distributor and the first UK reseller of the Brawo Magnavity LED system. Working alongside Cappagh Group, S1E has completed delivery, handover, initial training, and demonstrations of the new system to Cappagh’s lining division operatives, as well as completing two jobs on site to install new liners using the LED lining system, all in five days.

Dean Hansford, Head of Trenchless Innovations; at Cappagh Group, is leading the company’s investment in trenchless solutions with the Brawo Magnavity system, said “Due to significant growth and new contract awards, we wanted to continue with our investment strategy right across our business to guarantee we provide the best solutions for our clients and their customers.”

“The Brawo Magnavity LED lining system ticks all the boxes. We wanted a solution that had a small footprint and was easy to manoeuvre, caused less customer disruption and was environmentally friendly, and of course, simple to use and delivered high-quality results too. We were impressed, with the increase of our productivity on site it enabled whilst continuing to provide customer confidence in us and the products we use.”

“This is a significant investment for Cappagh but one that we believe will not only add capability to our team but also value in every sense to our client.”

The compact LED curing machine from BRAWO Systems, is capable of curing the range of flexible Brawo® liners in pipe diameters of DN70 to DN300. The system saves time and effort as the unique LED heads allow simultaneous retraction with inversion of the liner; curing is thus carried out immediately after installation.

The new light curing system consists of an intelligent LED head with 96 or 192 high-performance UV LEDs, a 50-metre-long combination hose with integrated power and compressed air supply, a retraction unit, and a control box. With a modular construction, compact design and low system weight, easy transportation of the system is guaranteed even under the most difficult access conditions, e.g., on plots of land and in buildings.

The first field day using the new Magnavity LED curing system with Cappagh Group went as smoothly as the Lining Operations Manager, James Shaw had hoped. 21m of 100mm Pitch-Fibre Pipe with areas of deformation exceeding 40% was successfully re-rounded and lined to leave it fully serviceable and flowing free. James said, “These innovative systems, courtesy of S1E and Brawo are going to give us a great burst in our productivity.”

The time on site for this type of lining work was drastically reduced as the inversion and cure only took two hours to complete.

The re-rounding and re-lining of previously installed Pitch-Fibre pipes are a common challenge for the lining division at Cappagh Group, but now using the Brawo Magnavity system, they can easily access points of entry and achieve great results using a combination of the LED system and the WRc approved Brawoliner system to improve structure and flow capacity.

The main benefits of the Brawo® Maganavity LED lining system include:

  • Intelligent LED heads with integrated magnetic coupling for electromagnetic remote unlocking.
  • High-performance UV LEDs with extremely high efficiency, with a low power consumption but high light output.
  • Very good bend flexibility, 87° possible from DN 100.
  • Reversible dual camera.
  • Easily transportable with a modular, lightweight construction at 60kg.
  • A control box system that sets itself and pre-calculates curing speed depending on the liner used and selected in the system.

Hakim Dehimi, International Sales Director at BRAWO Systems, said: “We are very proud that Cappagh Group and S1E rely on the LED technology of BRAWO Systems GmbH. The knowledge of 25 years experience in rehabilitation of inhouse and domestic sewers was the foundation of the development.”

“Cappagh Group is now able to manage all the difficult situations when rehabilitating laterals and sewers on private properties and inside buildings. With Brawo Magnavity the installation and light curing of BRAWOLINER in laterals with multiple bends goes with ease even over longer distances. We are looking forward to intensifying the cooperation with our partners in UK.”

Albion Goga, Product Development Manager at S1E, said: “This has been a fantastic venture to be a part of with Cappagh Group, and Brawo Systems GMBH. S1E have been part of every stage of the process, from sourcing the Magnavity system, delivering the full installation kits, to providing training on and off site for a straightforward installation on the system’s first field day with the lining division team.”

“The Brawo Magnavity LED lining system is the perfect alternative to traditionally cured liners, due to its ability to reduce risks on site and at the same time drastically increasing the productivity of the lining teams. It is great to see that more and more companies are wanting to get involved and catch a glimpse of the Magnavity and its abilities. We are all looking forward to continuing to offer our services in providing leading trenchless technology. “

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