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Complex project entails the construction of a new bulk sewer in Montague Gardens using innovative microtunnelling technology

The Mayor of Cape Town, South Africa, Geordin Hill-Lewis was on-site recently as the City broke ground on the next portion of the major R470 million (£20 million/ US$25 million) Milnerton Bulk Sewer upgrade, with construction of an entirely new pipeline set for completion by 2025.

This complex project entails the construction of a new bulk sewer in Montague Gardens using innovative microtunnelling technology. The City will also extend and connect the Edgemead and Century City Bulk Sewers into the new infrastructure.

Once the nearly 4 km of new bulk sewer is built by early 2025, the City will divert sewage along this new line while it rehabilitates the existing Bulk Sewer in Montague Drive, Montague Gardens.

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Given that the existing pipeline is under the busy Montague Drive roadway, pipe rehabilitation will make use of trenchless technology. A robotic crawler will first profile pipes to determine the best method of repair, and all work will occur underground with minimal surface level disruption to residents and traffic.

“It was a joy to break ground on yet another major upgrade project of this administration. The existing Bulk Sewer under Montague Drive is operating at full capacity, with an upgrade needed to accommodate future growth in this part of the city. That is why we are constructing an entirely new bulk sewer, which will operate alongside the rehabilitated existing pipeline. The new pipeline will be complete in 2025, the same year as the conclusion of our major Cape Flats Bulk Sewer rehabilitation project, currently the largest in South Africa. In this way, we are future-proofing our city, so that Cape Town can be an even better place to live as the metro continues to grow. When we talk of our long-term vision of building a city of hope for all, it really comes down to projects like this, which bring about better living conditions for residents.” said Mayor Geordin Hill-Lewis.

Over the next three years, the City will invest a massive R1.4 billion (£60 billion/US$74 billion) in major bulk sewer upgrades to the Cape Flats, Philippi, Milnerton, and Gordon’s Bay lines.

Cape Town is ramping up infrastructure investment, with a 223% increase in its Water and Sanitation infrastructure budget over three years, from R2.3 billion (£98 billion/US$121 billion) in 2022/23 to R7.8 billion (£332 billion/ US$412 billion) in 2025/26.

  • Besides bulk sewer upgrades, other highlights include:
    R8.6 billion (£367 billion/US$454 billion) capital expenditure on
    WWTW upgrades over three years
  • R1.3 billion (£55 billion/US$69 billion) for sewer spill responsiveness
    including the proactive jet-cleaning of 200 km of sewers annually
  • Quadrupling pipe replacement from 25 km in 2021/22 to 100 km
    annually, worth R850 million (£36 million/US$45 million) total over
    three years.

“Aside from improving basic services, and personal and community dignity, the scale of Cape Town’s R43 billion (£183 billion/US$227 billion) three-year infrastructure pipeline, bigger than Johannesburg and Durban combined, will create an estimated 135,000 jobs in the city over three years.” said Mayor Hill-Lewis.

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