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C.J. Kelly new licensee of Picote

C.J. Kelly International Ltd is pleased to announce that is has been appointed the licensee to supply the full range of Picote CIPP lining equipment to the global market

C.J. Kelly International Ltd is pleased to announce that is has been appointed the licensee to supply the full range of Picote CIPP lining equipment to the global market. The CIPP Picote range includes the company’s connection collar system (including a carbon neutral system if required), the Smart Heat lining system and the company’s range of liner inversion drums.

Start-up kits for those looking to enter into the lining market are also available. C.J. Kelly International will also be able to supply its own localised pipeline repair system ‘Multi Kit’ which can be used for point repair installations, as well as a selection of short liners from 5 meters to 30 meters in length. Commenting on the new arrangement John Kelly, Managing Director of C.J. Kelly International Ltd said: “We have long served the UK and Ireland pipeline renovation market with a broader, quicker and more effective service both in terms of equipment availability and consultancy options.

Now with this new agreement we can now bring this experience to bear for the supply of CIPP Picote systems and several other of our services across the global market.”
Having hit the ground running, C.J. Kelly International Ltd has already secured projects in India and Brazil, with lining teams currently undergoing training on-line.

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Smart Heat Lining System – The Smart system is designed for circumstances where ambient cure lining may be challenging and low localised temperatures may prevail during the cure process. Using a Picote Smart Heat Miller heat can be applied within the liner that can make the curing process up to 35% faster and to help ensure completion according to the resin curing schedule. The worksite proven technology is easy to use and ecologically friendly and does not usewater. This eliminates the potential for water damage inside buildings.

Connection Collar System – The Picote Connection Collars are designed for the sealing of pipeline junctions and connections. The Also known in some circles as Connection Seals or Top Hats the Picote system offers sealing configurations for pipe from DN70 to DN150 (2¾ in to 6in) diameter. They are installed using an inflatable bladder that is positioned over the connection and inflated adding lining to the main line and extending the liner into the connection. Connection Collars are available as T or Y configurations. There is a carbon neutral system available if required. Liner Inversion Drums – The Picote lining inversion drum range offers contractors an easy and practical solution for installing CIPP
linings. There are four models available the 350, the 500, the 700 and the 700 slim.

The central axle and drum wheel gives the operator full control of the inversion speed whilst the sight window allows for easy monitoring inside the drum. All drums have directional nozzles to ensure the correct installation angle. The 500 and 700 models also have a rotation latch to allow the main body to rotate on the rolling chassis, to offer a straight shot in challenging situations. Liner materials will also be available.
Multi-Kit – C.J. Kelly’s Multi-Kit pipe repair system is an innovative localised pipe and drain
repair system packaged and distributed by C J Kelly International Ltd. One Multi-Kit pipe repair is capable of repairing 4 in to 6 in (DN100 to DN150) which are straight, radial or transitional pipes.Installation equipment is available separately. The resin contained within the Multi-Kit is a nonshrink, solvent-free and low odour silicate resin. Website: 

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