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KD Drainage and Asbestos is a Kent-based company with many years of experience in the drainage industry

KD Drainage and Asbestos is a Kent-based company with many years of experience in the drainage industry, carrying out general unblocking and high-pressure jetting, CCTV surveys, treatment plant installations, and drainage repairs, as well as its Asbestos related works.

The initial training involved a single day in Bluelight Lining Ltd’s warehouse in Northampton, UK, ahead of the delivery of the equipment. This was because the company’s very first work site with the equipment involved lining multiple stack pipes on apartment blocks in Greys, Essex.

The first day’s training involved equipment set up and breakdown, maintenance and materials handling and storage. Each member of staff was able to competently set the equipment up, start it up and then switch off and break down the equipment ready for transport to site. In addition, materials training to gain knowledge of handling and storage and Health and Safety aspects of the chemicals being used was given. Bluelight also managed to blow a couple of liners into place in some dummy drainage pipe that was set up for the training.

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The first jobsite involved lining multiple 40 m to 45 m lengths of 150 mm diameter pitch
fibre stack pipe from roof outlets. This was a particularly tricky job due to access for the
equipment as well as the access to the outlet of the roof drainage which was located
under a large wind baffle permanently attached to the building.

All the equipment had to be transported to the roof via special access lifts on the outside of the building, lifted over the parapet walls and then manoeuvred around the roof to the installation location. Due to the weight limits and access onto the lifts through a narrow security gate on the actual lift, it was not possible to install the liner onto the inversion drum and then load it onto the lift. So, the liner was transported wrapped in a protective sheet to prevent the light from pre-curing the resins.

Once on the roof, the liner was fed into the inversion drum and all the equipment was readied for use. Access was cut into the stack pipe at the base of the block of flats to allow the liner to be fed out and stopped before it went around the rest bend in the ground as lining this portion was not required by the client.

The liner was blown in from the outlet at the top using the curing Y piece so constant pressure was kept in the liner during the entire lining process. This was to prevent the liner from slipping down the stack due to its weight. The light head was pushed through the liner and out of the pipe at the bottom. The lights were then switched on and the equipment pulled the light head back through the liner curing as it went.

In total the actual lining only took 1 hour from the time the air was used to invert the liner to the time the curing was completed. The majority of the time taking for the overall project was to get all the equipment onto the roof. The final finish on the liners was fantastic and the client is extremely happy with the results.

These 40 m to 45 m liners, it is understood, are the longest downpipes that have been installed using LED technology in the UK, certainly using the Bluelight equipment. The use of the Bluelight reduced any risks involved. The use of the Styrene free, odour free Vinylester resins prevented any unwanted odours from entering the property and the 50-year minimum life expectancy of the products meant that long warranties could be provided to the end client.

Bluelight Lining Ltd now has 18 systems operating throughout the UK, and has a dedicated production facility along with distribution in Northampton. Bluelight Lining Ltd provides support, training, materials and equipment specialising in trenchless repair. It has a wide range of patch repair packers, materials, and equipment in stock as well as 10,000 m of liner ready to be impregnated for Bluelight users.

Bluelight Lining Ltd has partnered with Per Aasleff to supply all its products and materials, from hot cure inversion liners, pressure liners, GRP UV cured liners, as well as LED cure liners and the in-house manufacture of pre-cast GRP liners. With many years of installation and production experience and manufacturing 1 million meters per year, the company has extensive manufacturing facilities in both Germany and Denmark. Bluelight Lining Ltd is able to use its knowledge and experience to supply some of the highest quality products into UK territories.

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