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A Breakthrough Solution For Large-Scale Rehab Projects

Channeline, a leading manufacturer of structural fibreglass non-circular sewer liners

Channeline, a leading manufacturer of structural fibreglass non-circular sewer liners, has successfully established itself as a prominent brand in the UK and European market since its inception in 1984. However, to sustain its growth momentum, the company recognised the need to adapt its technology to cater to larger sewers and culverts. Through innovation and problem-solving, Channeline developed a proprietary ‚ÄėTapered Tongue and Groove‚Äô jointing system, which revolutionised the transportation and installation of its custom fabricated pipe liners. The followings focuses on the successful implementation of Channeline‚Äôs Multi-Segmental Liner in the North Interceptor, East Arm (NI-EA) PCI-4 project in Oakland-Macomb County, Detroit, USA.

The NI-EA, which conveys sanitary and combined sewer flows from the Oakland and Macomb County communities, had suffered from significant deterioration, including loss of concrete liner thickness, exposed reinforcing steel, scaling, and cracks. An initial inspection by NTH Engineering highlighted the urgent need for repair. A subsequent inspection in 2019 revealed fair to poor conditions in the affected sewer sections.

In 2020, the NI-EA Pilot Project for the rehabilitation of 1,560 linear feet (475.5 m) of the PCI-4 Interceptor was initiated. Channeline’s Multi-Segmental Liner, designed with a 16 ft (4.9 m) internal diameter and a 3.54 in (90 mm) wall thickness, was specified as the mandatory rehabilitation method. The liner consisted of four sections, each weighing over 6 tons, which presented a significant transportation and installation challenge.

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The Tapered Tongue and Groove Jointing system allowed Channeline to break down the complex pipe liners into multiple component segments, ensuring structural integrity and load capacity upon installation. This innovative system not only facilitated shipping for large-scale projects but also reduced overall shipping costs by minimising the number of containers required. Additionally, the system enabled trenchless installation in areas with difficult access, such as manholes or maintenance chambers.

Marra Services, the low-bid contractor, selected Channeline to supply and install the Multi-Segmental Liner for the NIEA project. A close collaboration between Marra Services and Channeline’s manufacturing team in Dubai ensured the assembly and installation processes were fine-tuned. Production of the liner commenced in May 2021, with container deliveries arriving at the site in August 2021. The segments were shipped upright on pallets, with 4.5 liners fitting per container.

To address the challenge of moving and installing the liner into the 1,500 ft (457 m) tunnel, Marra Services enlisted the expertise of Kelley Engineering, which custom-designed a self-driven Robotic Pipe Carrier. This carrier transported each segment, positioned and homed the gasketed joints, ensuring a fully sealed lining system. With an average installation rate of 4 segments per day, the contractors also implemented additional safety measures by grouting the annulus every 100 ft (30 m).

The successful completion of the NI-EA Pilot Project demonstrated that Channeline’s Multi-Segmental Liner provided an additional 100-year service life to the large, deep asset. Despite challenges such as adverse weather conditions, flow disruptions, and the inclusion of an extra 110 ft (33.5 m) of liner, the project was completed on time and within budget. The minimal disruption to residents and businesses further underscored the effectiveness of Channeline’s solution.

Channeline’s innovative Tapered Tongue and Groove Jointing system has not only addressed the shipping and installation challenges of large-scale sewer rehabilitation projects but has also extended the lifespan of critical infrastructure. With its commitment to innovation and problem-solving, Channeline continues to set new industry standards, providing reliable and efficient solutions for the future of sewer rehabilitation.

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